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Cicada Resort - Suite Rooms

Classification    : Interior Room

Scope                : Interior

Location            : ebatu, Payangan – Bali, Indonesia

Size                    : 63.5 M2

Facilities            : Interior

Status                : Under Construction, 2021

Collaborator     : Bares Furniture


The project is developing a new destination in central Bali Island to bring contemporary modern and Balinese elements to impress the visitors of the environment feeling of tropical and vacations vibes of Bali. The designs are concerned with crafting wood and terrazzo materials technique making.

Inspired by the local architectural language, the lodges for Cicada resorts in Bali are located over various

sites–including Ubud, Payangan, Buleleng, Bangli.

The interiors of the rooms are a mixture of warm teak timbers and wood paneling, wall paint, and terrazzo aligned into bathrooms. All fixed and loose furnishings, light fittings, fireplaces, and textiles were all custom designed and inspired by traditional Balinese forms, designs, and colors. In Payangan a new destination multi-story resort looking to the river view. The interior design and detailing of the furniture and fittings by Atelier Generations Vasudeva Design are also custom-made and considered unique to the property.

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