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Classification   : Residential

Scope               : Architecture & Interior

Location           : Sanur, Bali - Indonesia

Size                   : 236 M2

Facilities           : Architecture

Status                : Conceptual Design, 2021


The program demanded by clients was leased from a service,  living, dining, kitchen on the ground floor and bedroom, walk-in closet, bathroom and balconies on the upper floor.


The ground floor was characterized by the opening to the garden and pool area the transparency that gives it the character of harmony into the nature element. The access from the courtyard. In this location, the ground and upper floors move to avoid a two-story façade facing the north.


The upper floor was entirely enveloped by a wooden skin made up of mobile and fixed panels structured by wood frames. The development of this element required as special opening systems. In addition to providing visual protection and allowing the entry of natural light and ventilation, the wooden panels transfer a unique identity to the project's façade.

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