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Our philosophy

Atelier Generations Vasudeva Design always produces originality, innovation, and evocative solutions for form, function, and experience on our architecture design. We always saw each project as a problem-solving scenario that makes us learn and evolve in our design strategy. By working on various projects and collaborating with our clients, we believe we can be a great advantage and impact. We also developing our strive into technological development and what design can contribute to the environment.

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Our Approach

We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.

Our design work begins with obvious questions: What are the requirements of a place? What is the current situation, what is its history, what should be possible there? In short, what does a place need to enhance the life of every participant? what are budget requirements? These and many other questions flow together into our project work. And to be able to answer them, we discuss openly within the team as well as with our clients and the future users, our partners, and external experts. The knowledge generated by this joint research shapes the design and develops it into a compact, forward-looking statement and the starting point for new questions.

We search for these challenges, shift the boundaries of what is possible and research energetically together with our partners to discover new possibilities. This is an approach in which technology and creativity go hand in hand. They interact productively. The appearance of a building is also always the reflection of a form that functions and needs in terms of experience, meaning, and use.

It is open to change and new ideas, it is never restricted by ideology. Our design creates the spatial preconditions for individual, physical experiences as well as for social interactions, generates high-quality atmospheres and surroundings, proportion, organizes and structures our social life. Architecture is indispensable to society. How do we want to dwell, work, experience culture and live together in the future? The objective of our work is to generate spaces that provide sustainable answers to these questions.

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