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Casa EF

Classification  : Residential

Scope              : Architecture & Interior

Location          : Sanur, Bali - Indonesia

Size                  : 500 M2

Facilities          : Architecture

Status              : Conceptual, 2021


The project, in L-shape, was implemented in the front limits and one of the sides of the land. Thus, while creating physical and visual protection for the street, we free the maximum space for the garden with total privacy in the face of greater insolation. The square shape of the pool seeks to formally represent the importance of this free area, which serves as the spatial core of the house and of all family activities.


The site’s topography was designed in order to maximize the use of existing semi-flat surfaces as outdoor living areas while fitting key functional, circulation and soil stabilization elements in-between retaining walls. All access to the house – from owners to staff – is done through this ‘two side accessibility, which slowly uncurtains the surrounding landscape through sinuous passageways adapted to the original houses.


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