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Classification   : Residential

Scope               : Architecture & Interior

Location           : Sanur, Bali - Indonesia

Size                   : 633 M2

Facilities           : Architecture

Status                : Conceptual Design, 2021


The house was positioned in facing the south viewing, so will be get the good breeze and air circulation. In practically all of the interior spaces on this building having a double ceiling height to accommodate the air circulation. Although, surrounding the building connect with the water treatment and greenery area.


Materially, we use horizontality and transparency to neutralize the architecture in relation to the nature that surrounds the house. The structural design proposes tight horizontal planes in balance and the enclosures mostly consist of mixed of large glass and wood screenery panels.


Spatially, we propose a constant interaction of interior and exterior as we bring light and natural elements to the architecture. This intention translates into design choices such as the bigger opening, the double ceiling height in the living room, external shutters on the upper floor façade and cantilever roof of the balcony.

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