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Cyber Residence

Classification  : Multi Residential

Scope              : Architecture

Location          : Ciledug, Tangerang - Indonesia

Size                  : 80 M2

Facilities          : Architecture

Status              : Under Construction, 2018


A play on the futuristic word “Cyber” meaning “hacking”, to change the perspective of the future living translates to an aspiration for the project to truly become home for the residents. Located in Tangerang, which has a satellite city near Jakarta, the repetitive of houses took on the form of urban townhouses; appropriate forms that invoke the simple geometry and open-air with modern simpleness.

The result is a delightful interplay of penetrable spatial and visual transparencies. There is a simplicity and honesty in the design of Cyber in the inherent simplicity of the materials, and the effortless quality of free-flowing space that quietly and elegantly fills the functions of the home.

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