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Gate Of University Tanjung Pura

Classification : Gate of Tanjung Pura

Scope             : Masterplanning, Landscape, Architecture

Location         : Tanjung Pura, West Kalimantan - Indonesia

Size                 : 5.000 M2

Facilities         : Masterplanning

Status             : Proposal Competition, 2021

Collaborator  : Studio Frais


Design Gate of Tanjung Pura intended to create a monumental structure that can give character to the university especially in the park area round about Digulis Monument. Design them traditional gate structure west Kalimantan traditional house in a profile structure gate geometry a curve environment experience and to give by Peranakan for road users Ahmad Yani.

Design Gate of Tanjung Pura starts with the variant form of typologies gate by the application of the steel structure lightly as response masing-masing gate about the condition of the site. The design of the main gate to gate Digulis Monument (Gate 2&3) is a roof canopy landscape of the central column three-wide. To the design of the intersection of Imam Bonjol gate and Gate 1 resources, there are variations on the columns of being neither parallel to create space nuance wider at the smallest land. While in design gate at the intersection of agreed and the way Prof. Dr. H. Hadari Nawawi (Gate 4) consisting of two roof canopy standing free on the differences in the height of columns with on the canopy as markers of views on empty land around the land.

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