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PV Office

Classification : Commercial

Scope             : Interior

Location         : APL Tower, West Jakarta - Indonesia

Size                 : 600 M2

Facilities         : Interior

Status             : Conceptual, 2021


The concept is to make an office being comfortable in the situation. We believe that being warm and playful has a strong element in taking part in daily human life. By Capturing the essence of character and awareness combined with a unique design to avoid the new era of the office environment.

Community drives the office’s open floor plan, maximizing opportunities for collaboration. The space is organized into cubical and islands, which meet in the middle to form a work open cafe. Featuring an oversized island, the work café is the perfect touchdown space for studio meetings and informal gatherings. The design cubical is another central touchpoint for a different entity, offering a multipurpose meeting space that serves as a materials library, pin-up area, and charette space. Throughout the building, the ceilings let in an ample natural black color palette and natural concrete polished flooring emphasize the overall openness of the space. Drawing inspiration from its hospitality practice, the office welcomes all who enter.

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